This blog is dedicated to Sebastian the Great my golden retriever who passed away in June of this year. We shared many adventures together and during one of the toughest years of my life I drag Sebastian to Big Bear Lake to live and reflect on the next chapter of my life. Though he was in constant pain in his hips he was always there smiling and willing to go on a walk. He liked the snow even though it was hard for him to walk in it. But he must’ve known this is what I needed so her soldiered on. We moved back to Los Angeles in the Fall of 2010 and I am sure Sebastian was happy to be back. His last days were spent with my girlfriend and me and her wonderful golden retriever, Atticus who was five months old when we first met him. The two dogs got along famously and though Atticus wanted to play more than Sebastian wanted to, the old dog found it in his heart to humor the puppy and indulge a little. His hips were giving out and he could barely make it up the porch steps to the house but the smile was always there and he never complained. When the day came to let him go we all cried and gathered around him as the Vet administered the fatal drugs. As if sensing that his friend of almost a year was passing away Atticus who by now was full grown laid his head on Sebastian’s back. The old soul slipped away as we all hugged. I learned a lot about life from watching my boy Sebastian live his. I hope I can live up to his standards.


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