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August 25, 2010

Lawyer Builds Tree House Office

"" "Lon Levin"

Starting Contruction

If a lawyer has turned to building an office in the woods then you know we’re turning the corner on alternative lifestyles. And perhaps the smell and ambiance of the outdoors will seep into Richard Russeth’s brain and make his decision-making more humanistic than most of the lawyers I’m familiar with. It’s safe to say that Mr. Russeth is probably ahead of that curve anyway and I applaud him and wish him the joy and peace I’ve gotten from living in the mountains and trees.

Russeth, an avid collector of books about tree house architecture, is taking on his own endeavor: building a sophisticated tree-office nestled 20 feet high in a grove of 50- to 90-foot tall pine trees near his home in Evergreen, Colo. Russeth says tree house-building is in vogue, and that enthusiasts are constructing everything from single-room getaways to actual homes perched above ground.

"""Lon Levin"

Measuring decking

“Most people think it’s a cool idea and are jealous, as they’d like to have an office in a tree too,” Russeth said in an interview. “But I don’t think they realize how substantial it is just to build the foundation.” Aided by family, the 54-year-old Russeth constructed the 12-by-19-foot wooden platform that will serve as the office’s base last week. Future plans include a small house to accommodate his desk and a couch with large windows overlooking the mountains. The office will also have Wi-Fi and wireless phone lines, and perhaps a quaint wood-burning stove so that Russeth can easily conduct business as the vice president and general counsel of Leprino Foods during the spring and summer months.

Follow Russeth’s construction project on Twitter @Richard Russeth.