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September 12, 2010

The Cedar Creek Treetop Observatory

The Cedar Creek Observatory

The Rainbow Bridge Leading to The Observatory

The truly great treehouse builder finds a way to add something new to every aspect of his or her construction. An unusual or particularly apt access point is an element unavailable to most other types of building. It can add ambiance, expand on a theme, and make each trip to the treetop dwelling a new chapter in a person’s memory. Take Cedar Creek Treehouse Observatory, for example. It doesn’t get more adventurous than a circular stairway eighty feet in the air. This “Stairway to Heaven” rises eight feet per revolution from the forest floor to the treetop canopy. After climbing the spiral staircase around a a 200-year-old western red cedar tree, guests can walk across the “Rainbow Bridge” to the treehouse observatory forty-three feet away.

Stairway leading to the Cedar Creek observatory

The stairway to the top

The “Stairway to Heaven” shows what can be done when planning and vision meet hard work Each step was knee-braced. Vertical poles connected the steps and enclosed the climber.
Hoisting the five hundred pound bridge required a double-pulley rigging. Once the bridge was positioned, the treehouse observatory and the eighty foot staircase were connected with cables and a chain link fence.

The Rainbow Bridge leading to the observatory

The Rainbow Bridge

Property owner Bill Compton has built a guesthouse and observatory at the top of his cedar trees. The earth-friendly mountain retreat is 16 kilometres from the Nisqually River entrance to the Mount Rainier national park. Guests are treated to a treehouse bed and breakfast cottage 15 metres up in huge red cedar. The observatory and Stairway to Heaven gives spectacular mountain views 30 metres high in a fir tree.