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July 24, 2011

Medical Marijuana Protestors at Huntington Beach Pier

Out in force yesterday at Huntington Beach were the “weed warriors” protesting the proposed changes to medical marijuana laws. I don’t smoke weed but I am an advocate of legalizing pot and making medical marijuana available for those who want and need it. There are more issues that should demand the government’s attention than marijuana usage. I find more problems with alcohol abuse and prescription drugs.
The conclusion is let those who want to use cannabis for medicinal reasons do it and let the growers and suppliers grow, cultivate and harvest. Regulate them and make sure they are operating in a formal business structure. Perhaps the decriminalization of pot will help the economy and cut down the cost of pursuing, investigating and prosecuting those who deal in the Marijuana trade.

Go to HempRadio to get more info.

April 16, 2011

Poisoned Pot

two devotees of cannabis let their hair do the talking

True "Pot Heads"

The following should not surprise you. I’m not sure I believe this but I pass it along to those of you who want to check it out. Beware of the trojan horse poison pot.

written by Bob Frezno
We pot and hash smokers are part of a loose alliance of like-minded people with alot more in common than our affinity for the herb. We are fundamentally different from those that would never deign to try something that was prohibited by society. We are explorers, free thinkers and we are under attack.
There is a conspiracy to poison us and just us. Tens of thousands of pounds of toxins are added, on a daily basis, to pot and hash that we consume. Not since the American deployment of the toxin paraquat on pot fields have we seen such a wholesale poisoning of cannabis users and it’s being done entirely for profit.
Who could possibly be so malign as to poison a harmless pot smoker for personal gain? Look no further than your local Hells Angels chapter.
It’s well known that the bikers have their fair share of growhouses, run the big fields in the boonies and make the big buys of fresh afghani hashish. Basically they set the tone for the illegal trade and since the Angels muscled out the local gangs things have gone from bad to worse. Crap weed is laced with chemicals, the hash is full of camphor, and Oshawas legendary honey oil can now do double duty in your crankcase.
The people who ingest these adulterated products are being slowly killed and their quality of life is diminished both now and in the future. It’s time we heard an outcry against the heinous crime which is inflicted upon a vulnerable, marginalized societal demographic, namely the fun-loving quirky group of people known as pot smokers. Anyone who would kill us, even a little bit at a time, must be stopped.